Facebook 101 - Hiding Your Personal Profile [Social Media 101]

 The problem is, if you hate Facebook enough to not have your own personal profile, then you can’t manage your Facebook Business Page. 


We’ve already mentioned the wrong choice that some folks take: making a pretend profile to manage the page. What you'll do instead is the modification the settings on your own personal Facebook profile in order that you’re a lot of or less ‘hidden’ from those exploiting the platform. 


How Do I ‘Hide’ My Personal Facebook Account? 

To hide your Facebook profile from the overall public, you’ll have to be compelled to alter your profile’s settings. Here is the way to do this from a microcomputer. 


1. log in to your Facebook profile, and click on the arrow within the higher right corner of the Facebook page. Then, click “Settings”. 


2. within the menu on the left, click “Privacy”. this can take you to a page titled, “Privacy Settings and Tools”, which ought to look one thing just like the image below. 

3. underneath the “Your Activity” section, edit “Who will see your future posts?” and alter it to “Only me”. you'll then click the “Limit Past Posts” link to alter all of your past posts to be viewed by “Friends Only”. alternative options: 


If you’re a lot of inquisitive about the concealment of your profile from folks not in your list of friends, you'll choose “Friends”, which can solely enable your posts to be viewed by those on your friend's list. 

4. You can choose the “Friends except…” choices to solely enable your posts to be seen by a number of your friends. 

You can additionally produce a “Custom” choice to “include and exclude friends and lists”, however, confine in mind this can need you to update and maintain your settings if you're adding new folks to your Friends list. 

5. underneath the “How folks notice and make contact with You” section, you'll do the following: 


Set “Who will send you friend requests?” to “Friends of friends” 

Set “Who will see your friends list?” to “Only me”, “Friends”, or “Custom” 

Make sure “Who will look you up victimization the e-mail address you provided?” is about to “Friends” 

Make sure “Who will look you up victimization the signal you provided?” is about to “Friends” 

Edit “Do you would like search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” and uncheck the box that permits this. 

6. within the menu on the mitt aspect, attend “Timeline and Tagging”. this can take you to a page that ought to look like the following: 

Set “Who can post on your timeline?” to “Only me” 

Set “Who can see what others post on your timeline?” to “Only me” 

Edit “Allow post sharing to stories?” and set it to “Disabled” to point out this off 

8. beneath the “Tagging” Section: 


Edit “Who can see posts you're tagged in on your timeline?” and alter it to “Only me” 


Change “When you're tagged throughout a post, World Health Organization do I would like to feature to the audience of the post if they will not already see it?” to “Only me” 


Change “Who sees tag suggestions once photos that seem as if you are uploaded?” to “No one” 


9. beneath the “Review” Section, edit “Review posts you're tagged in before the post looks on your timeline?” and opt for “Enabled” to make it so as that you've got ought to approve friends tagging you. once they are doing tag you, you will be able to price additional extremely to not accept the tag so as that you simply won’t be tagged during this express post. 


10. inside the menu on the left, head to “Location” and ensure that your location history is off. 


Your Facebook Profile Is presently (Mostly) Hidden! 

This is concerning as shut as you will be able to get to “erasing” your Facebook Profile excluding deactivating it all directly. Since deactivating your profile wouldn’t allow you to manage your Facebook Business Page, usually, this can be} often the foremost effective resolution if you would like to be the one accountable for managing your Business Page. 


If you want any insight into exploitation Facebook from the angle of satiny low to medium-sized MSP, investigate the alternative blogs we’ve written on the subject, and lift any queries that you simply that you just simply have here. 


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